Coronavirus Crisis: Dorchester Boutique Owner Makes Headbands For Health Care Workers

DORCHESTER (CBS) – A Boston boutique owner who’s used to selling accessories is now making them for health care workers on the front lines in the coronavirus pandemic.

Lindsay Reilly, owner of The Cue in Dorchester, saw posts on social media about nurses with ears so swollen it hurt to wear a mask.

“I was like you know I’ve been sewing since I was six, this is definitely something I can do,” she told WBZ-TV.

So Reilly got to work with the helping hands of others, like Sewfisticated Fabrics in Dorchester and Ann’s Fabrics in Canton and headbands became the answer.

“We are using a lot of local women that are coming curbside to help us sew or put buttons on,” Reilly said.

Many nurses are now wearing the headbands to work and they’re sending Reilly messages and selfies expressing their gratitude.

“They are so grateful to see the community come together for them and I think that just puts a smile on everyone’s face,“ Reilly said.

The real shout-out though goes to the health care workers.

“They are incredible and just thank you for all you’re doing,” Reilly said.

Since she started the project days ago, hundreds of headbands have been ordered.

Reilly said she’ll do this for as long as she can.


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