Headbands for Heroes

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Lindsay Tia is a fighter. She’s a female small business owner, and owns a boutique in Dorchester called Shop the Cue. She’s a designer, and has designed stunning purses and accessories. She’s the creator of the Bravery Brand, a brand that honors our military heroes with bracelets and patriotic bags. I love everything about this girl and I’m so proud of her new venture called Headbands for Heroes.

The idea came to Lindsay because she saw many posts and pictures of nurses with markings on their faces due to the masks they were wearing all day long. Over time they become so tight around your ears and they cause a lot of pain. Lindsay found inspiration from the internet and these nurses, and started sewing fabric together to make headbands with buttons right behind the ears. Because of the buttons on the headband, nurses, doctors, and anyone wearing a mask can put the elastic over the buttons and NOT over their ears, relieving the backs of their ears from a lot of pain.

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