Holiday Party Picks

Holiday Party Picks
CaughtInDot - Fashionista and local style guru, Lindsay Tia Reilly is at it again. Expanding from her well-loved line of American-made bags and accessories, Lindsay can now add boutique-owner to her (long) list of credentials.


The Cue, Dorchester’s latest “style lounge for the trendy professional” is located at 12 Ericsson Street, next to the Boston Winery. Home to trendy fashion in a oh-so-chic setting, The Cue is perfect for personal styling appointments, last minute outfits, and girls nights galore. We caught up with Lindsay for a quick Q&A on her new project and how we can get on Cue…

We’re loving the website and the overall chic, “young professional” vibe. How did the name “The Cue” come about?

“The Cue” is a play on my hometown “Quincy” from all the support over the years while building Lindsay Tia Inc. “The Cue” also represents being on point and how our styles leave our clients “On Cue” or “Looking their best!”

How would you describe The Cue in just a few words?
The Cue for anyone who hasn’t been there is like shopping in your living room. A local style lounge carefully curated for the trendy professional. It’s for all of us that want to look our best, whether you’re going from the boardroom to the bar room, from day to night, or from busy weekdays to lazy Sundays. The Cue has everything we need to feel confident in our look – anytime, anywhere.

Why Dorchester? Have you been seeing a rise in fashionistas in Boston’s biggest neighborhood?
We chose Dorchester based on the space we found while also still remaining close to where we built Lindsay Tia. Dorchester is in-between Boston and Quincy where both of our followings come from. Our easy and convenient space allows for any Bostonian to pop by, book an appointment, or to shop online 24/7.