Lindsay Tia- A Handbag Designer with a Purpose

Lindsay Tia- A Handbag Designer with a Purpose
THE HAUTE LIFE - Bravery, empowerment, inspiration; these qualities represent the Lindsay Tia brand, a line of totes and clutches made in Massachusetts and designed by a 25-year-old firecracker of a young woman. Her story is one of which many would dream, but very few would actually have the ambition and fortitude to realize.

At six-years-old, cute little Lindsay Tia Reilly learned to sew on her grandmother’s sewing machine. At age 10, her mother enrolled her in a local sewing class. Barely a teenager, when most girls were simply day dreaming of their futures, 14-year-old Lindsay was ensuring her future dreams would be a reality by hand sewing her handbags on a ping-pong table in her parent’s basement in Quincy and then selling them at a local salon in Quincy Center.

That’s one ambitious and hard-working teenager; a teenager with a purpose.

Today that purpose is flourishing and is the foundation of her popular line of totes and clutches. We caught up with Lindsay in South Boston to learn more about her story and her brand.

Do you remember The Little Engine that Could; that cute little spitfire of train who climbed a mountain and helped a city of children because she believed she could? Well, that’s the type of heart that beats within Lindsay. If you tell her no, it only motivates her more. And just like that little blue train, she uses that motivation and her brand to help other people.

Throughout her teen years, Lindsay continued to build her brand. She would literally dream of her designs and then wake up and start sewing. She set up shops at craft fairs and bazaars, increasing her brand awareness.

Being the smart girl that she is, Lindsay headed to Lasell College of Fashion where she studied Fashion Merchandising. In August 2012, Lindsay Tia Reilly, officially created Lindsay Tia. (As a fun side note, Lindsay’s middle name came from the popular spot Tia’s by the Waterfront; where her parents first met in the mid-80’s.) Paying homage to the two people who gave her the greatest support, she chose her middle name as part of the brand name.