Shopping The Cue – Transitioning To Fall Fashions With Lindsay Tia

Shopping The Cue – Transitioning To Fall Fashions With Lindsay Tia

Are you getting that itch to shop? We certainly are! But, we also don’t want to buy fall sweaters in the middle of August. With any luck, hopefully, we won’t be pulling any heavy-weight knits over our head for a while.

In the meantime, one can always shop for transitional pieces! You know, those cute little additions to your wardrobe that help to bridge the gap between two very different seasons.

For our fall fashion transitions, we visited smartypants handbag designer and entrepreneur Lindsay Tia‘s shopping lounge, The Cue. Lindsay has the gift to give not only fashion cues but straight up solutions for any fashion needs.

First of all, Lindsay has curated an incredible selection of fashions in this shopping lounge geared toward the professional gal. From clothes to accessories and of course, her line of handbags, everything in this store is perfection. What we love about this parlor-style shop isn’t the exceptionally reasonable prices, it’s the breadth of fashion and Lindsay’s eye for what works for the individual.

With close to 6 inches between us (Kim and Jess), we have two different body types. Without blinking an eye, Lindsay moved around the store, scooping up items for each of us. In our dressing rooms, we found hand-curated fashions that fit each of our body types perfectly. This is usually hard for us to achieve in boutiques, which are generally geared toward a specific shape or lack-there-of.

The Cue has everything for everyone. Tall, straight, curvy, thin, petite, no matter what your body type, The Cue has something for everyone. Many of the pieces we tried (and purchased) are available on You can also head to the Boston Harbor location to try on these fashion steals.

Here are a few of our favorite pieces (and trends) to help you ease from summer to fall.