Who's That Gal: Lindsay Tia Reilly

JUGS - Lindsay Tia Reilly is a 24 year old Boston-native that has been her own boss since she was in grade school. She has never worked for anyone else and she's crushing it.

To back up, Lindsay began sewing at the age of six and shortly after, in her early teens, she began selling her handmade bags at a local salon. Today she has been in business for 3 year’s and her bags are sold in 25 stores. 

But she isn't just selling bags. Each of Lindsay's creations is made in America and inspired by women that have made her brave and sparked a desire to empower others. Her mission is to create a community of strong women working together to succeed and give back. For example, The Bravery Bag represents our inner hero and for each bag sold Lindsay will donate $10 to the "USO New England" in honor of our troops. Isn't that amazing? Wondering how she does it? We caught up with Lindsay to ask her just that.


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