Chez Gagné - Acrylic Counter Rack with 12 Best Sellers Pre-Fill

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This Pre-Filled Assortment starts you off with 6 each of our 12 Best Selling Cards and a 4- Shelf Acrylic Card Display Rack. 6 each of these 12 best selling cards included: No. 1025 - I Smell Old People ... Oh Wait, It's You No. 1210 - Wishing you a Rosé Birthday No. 1045 - Good Things Come to Those Who Work Their Asses Off No. 1122 - You're My Person and I will Love you Forever No. 1154 - Cheers to you, Birthday Girl No. 1155 - Look At You Being Awesome No. 1251 - I'd Be So Fucked Without You No. 1239 - Happy Birthday You Fucking Fossil No. 1142 - When I Met You, I Thought You Were A Total Bitch. Turns Out I Really Like Bitches No. 1303 - This Calls For Bubbly No. 1149 - Wishing You An Extra Dirty Birthday No. 1099 - OMG. What Is Happening? Are We Adults? Rack Dimensions: Inside Dimensions 16"x 2", 4 shelves Outside Dimensions: 16-5/8" x 17-3/4" x 10"



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