Signature 12 oz. Candle Box

Signature 12 oz. Candle Box

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Our handmade in-house candles made of soy wax and scented oils in our 12oz. Mason Jars. PICK TWO.

Choose from the following:

THE NEST—>  ozone, jasmine, sandalwood, tonic, amber

CAPE HOUSE —> Sea Salt, Ozone, Amber

APPLE BOTTOM JEANS —>  apple + cinnamon + nutmeg

BOOTS WITH THE FIR —>  cypress + evergreen + fir

FRIENDSGIVING —>  cinnamon + sugar + vanilla + butter

GOLDEN HOUR —> Coconut, sandalwood, Cedar

QUE SERA SERA—> Eucalyptus, Lavender, Cedar

SPICE UP YOUR LIFE —> pumpkin + nutmeg + vanilla