Tuesday’s at Shop The Cue are chaotic in the best way possible. It’s our day for shooting content, finalizing our Tuesday night drop, and prepping for the entire week. To say it’s exciting is an understatement. 
We start out our mornings with our 9am meeting to plan out the day and the upcoming events of the week. It’s important for all of us to be on the same page so the week runs smoothly. From planning shoots, to quarterly in-store buying plans, new candle ideas, forecasting new styles, collaborating with new influencers, looking for our next weekly tip and of course laughing at all the crazy ideas our boss Lindsay comes up with. Every meeting is different but has the same goal - keep The Cue going and growing. 
When Tuesday morning meeting is done, we start preparing for our weekly photoshoot, a.k.a. the most fun part of the day. Prepping for a photoshoot includes steaming all of the clothes, styling outfits, setting up our photo studio, and making sure we have plenty of ideas for creative content. When our models arrive, our shoot day officially begins! 
Ronnie and Jasmine usually run the photoshoots together. Their jobs vary between photographing and styling outfits while capturing content for social media - and of course all the bloopers that come along with day! 
Once the photoshoot ends, editing begins. This is a crucial part to every drop we do, as we want to make sure every photo is presentable and website ready. Ronnie will go through and edit each photo individually while Jasmine will take the website end and finalize all descriptions, prices, and quantities so you can shop.  
Any last minute changes or needs are made before 7:30pm, then all the new items get dropped and launched onto the website. The last step of the day is to upload photos to our Instagram story to promote each item and let our followers and customers know. We love engaging with everyone through social media - getting your feedback, and making the online shopping experience easy and fun. 
It’s completely a team effort and could not run without every person doing their part to get everything finalized. Helping you find your next favorite piece of clothing is what we strive for and every week we hope there is something you can see yourself wearing on your next vacay, back to office day, bachelorette trip - and the list goes on! 
We hope to have you back for our next blog post on May 4th. 
Xo, The Cue Team