Meet The Family

Meet The Family
Hi babes, welcome to our first ever blog post! We are so excited to start this way of communication and get to connect with all of you on a more personal level. We wanted to introduce ourselves and share our story. 
At Shop The Cue, we are a powerhouse of women who love inspiring and encouraging our community. We strive to inspire all women to take on the challenge, use creativity, and develop confidence through a strong work ethic. Located in Milton, our boutique is constantly growing to accommodate the strong minds of its employers and adjust to the ever-changing industry. Our owner, Lindsay Reilly has created an extremely encouraging atmosphere where all employees, both full and part-time, are motivated to take on more and use their strengths and interests to develop their roles and the overall success of the company.
At Shop the Cue we’re more of a lifestyle boutique offering items for your closet to your kitchen and all the gifts in between.  As one of our employees worded it, “We aren’t your typical boutique. We truly pride ourselves on the relationships we built with our customers and community. Not just through purchases, but by really growing a personal relationship”. Keeping things local is our passion. We are constantly encouraging our customers to shop local and always looking to support the blooming entrepreneur.

Come meet the family, let’s introduce our boss babes: 
Hi my name is Lindsay Reilly, and I am the founder of Bravery Bags (formerly Lindsay Tia Bags), The Bravery Brand, and Shop the Cue. At a young age I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I began to grow the confidence and courage I needed to thrive through conferences, my mom (my biggest supporter), and a lot of trial and error. All of that allowed me to attain life skills and connections that helped me get my business to be where it is today. 
Consider me everything from a warehouse janitor, to a pack and ship employee, to a candle maker, a buyer and everything in between. You will often find me in multiple places as I am a hard worker and I hustle. At the store, I love to help all of our lovely customers, freshen up the layout, and work out of our back office doing computer work. I also spend time in the warehouse creating our best selling candles, managing inventory, backend operations, and running meetings. When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with friends, trying new restaurants, and coming up with creative ideas to always better, and grow this company - basically always working. If you see me around, please say hi. I love creating connections with our local babes! 
Ronnie: Hello everyone! I’m Ronnie, one of the managers over at our Shop The Cue Milton location. I spend most of my week at the store, helping you babes shop for gifts and for yourself (duh!) - and if you’re lucky, you’ll occasionally hear Lindsay yelling “RONNIE!” on the weekends when she works in the store with me. I also help manage the social media for The Cue! Recently I’ve been doing some photography for the website and app, and have been creating content for all our social media platforms. Anytime you DM us, I’ll most likely be the one answering you! 
If you’re shopping in the store, I’m probably there and can always be a helping hand. I find the most joy in being in the shop, seeing all our locals face to face - it feels more like a second home than work sometimes! Outside of work, I am usually spending time with my family in Plymouth or trying new restaurants in the city (usually with Lindsay). I love being local and being a part of a great community here in Quincy and Milton! 
Lily: Hi I’m Lily! I’m the other Store Manager at the Cue in our Milton location. My main task as a manager is to head the day to day operations of the store. You will usually find me working on the floor, helping customers, changing the mannequins, and rearranging the store! I have also taken on managing some of our social media, specifically Instagram stories. I post new outfit ideas and show off our window displays. I am always around to help you shop, suggest new ideas, and find what you are looking for. When I’m not working at the Cue, you will find me spending time with my friends and family, going to the beach (when it’s warmer weather), and teaching yoga locally around the south shore! 



We love our customers. We love our community. We love this company. We are so excited to start this journey with all of you. This blog will be used to highlight new products, give advice, answer questions, style, and all around have fun while keeping you informed. We hope you will check back every other Wednesday for our bi-weekly blog posts to get the latest “TEA.” Feel free to write to us if you have something specific to talk about! We love hearing from you and getting your feedback. We love you. 
The Cue Team